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Our Latest Reviews

Angelique Faulkner AvatarAngelique Faulkner

Jon Handler helped my boyfriend out when he had a traffic warrant. So easy to work with and was able to get warrant released and a new court date. Thanks Handler Bail Bonds! 5 star review

Letha Unbreakable Miller AvatarLetha Unbreakable Miller

Hope so

Ricky Dovrow Teague AvatarRicky Dovrow Teague

John Handler bail bonds get straight the the point what u need he have it ready for you!!! Thanks!

Markese Mathews AvatarMarkese Mathews

Jon Handler and his staff were fantastic! My case is over and they were there the whole time and answered all questions. I highly recommend!!

Carol Hoy AvatarCarol Hoy

Jon and Karen were very helpful and fast at getting everything done. They made it so convenient for me. Karen made me feel like family,she is awesome. She made a difficult time much better! I will definitely refer them.

Madison Granger AvatarMadison Granger

This bail bond company was so helpful , they worked with me and answered all my questions. Karen was fantastic. Handler Bail Bonds is the best

Michael Sheets AvatarMichael Sheets

During a fight my girlfriend, she was constantly hitting me and throwing things at me. I had enough and just wanted to leave when I pushed my way through to the door and she fell to the floor; then she started saying how I hit her and knocked her down. She immediately called the cops, even though I pleaded with her I just wanted to leave. When they arrived I tried to be as honest as possible. It didn't matter, I was arrested and charged with Domestic Violence. Thank you SMD for posting bond so I could make it to work. Thanks for the photo babe, see you in court!

David Leadbetter AvatarDavid Leadbetter

I have worked with SMD & HLS Bail bonds in the past and their staff is top notch. Very knowledgeable about the business and are more than willing to help. If someone were to ask me where to get a bond, I would definitely recommend SMD & HLS bail bonds. Thanks again guys!

Angelina Rigsby AvatarAngelina Rigsby

Jon was so incredibly helpful. He kept me updated and informed every step of the way; texted me during the arraignment, answered my questions, and importantly, got all of the paperwork and bond posted as soon as I gave the go ahead. I wish I could rate give him a higher rating.

Lyndsey Hollback AvatarLyndsey Hollback

I used this company to bond my sister out. Jon approached us at the courthouse and was genuinely willing to help even though we were in a rough situation with a higher bond then we were expecting to hear. Jon was able to work with us even though we couldnt scrape up the full amount. We are working with Karen, one of his agents and she is great. Very thourough and helpful. I am very pleased so far and very glad I decided to use this company.

Mohamed Mohamud AvatarMohamed Mohamud

Thank you Jon handler and Karen at handler bai bonds... process was quick and easy. I would recommend these guys in the event you need a bail bondsman ?

Tay Champelle AvatarTay Champelle

Great job for a bondsman. He will get you out !!! Jon Handler was extremely helpful for me getting out.

Aieshia Beasley AvatarAieshia Beasley

Excellent service! Jon Handler is so helpful and professional. Very friendly as well as the staff. Never used a bail bondsman before but the process could not have been any smoother. Thank you for all your assistance Jon!

Katelynn Ross AvatarKatelynn Ross

Jon handler did a great job, He was very helpful and worked with the money I had at the time. Woman at the front was super nice too. Great company .

Aurea Pineiro AvatarAurea Pineiro

I can't say how pleased I am with Jon Handler at Handler Bail Bonds. So easy to work with and knowledgeable. Walked me through the process and got my son home! Thanks guys

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