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Scott Smith AvatarScott Smith

Jon Handler is by far the best bondsman this county has ever had. I been bonded out twice and there's no one that compares to his service. Not even a hundred years ago. I swear he's the best. Probably in the country! I thank you for not only helping me but helping my family to get me out. With out you I would probably would've coped out and had a couple extra charges just cause the state stay isn't worth my proven innocents. Best bondsman in the world....I swear to god!

Lyndsey Hollback AvatarLyndsey Hollback

I used this company to bond my sister out. Jon approached us at the courthouse and was genuinely willing to help even though we were in a rough situation with a higher bond then we were expecting to hear. Jon was able to work with us even though we couldnt scrape up the full amount. We are working with Karen, one of his agents and she is great. Very thourough and helpful. I am very pleased so far and very glad I decided to use this company.

Tasheana Love AvatarTasheana Love

This bail bonds conpany walked me through the whole process... We had no idea how this worked. We found Jon Handler on google and he was fantastic. Got my boyfriend out fast. Thanks Handler Bail Bonds.

Jim Evancho AvatarJim Evancho

I recently called regarding some personal business with Jon. I was very impressed with the friendliness of your staff and how quick they were to assist.

Carla Myles AvatarCarla Myles

This bail bond company was very helpful! I saw a review last night and it couldn’t be more false. Jon handler was kind, patient and willing to work for us. Typically bail bond competitors will write bad reviews to shame other companies. DONT LISTEN. Thank you Jon Handler and Handler bail bonds. I highly recommend

Fairwood Everywhere AvatarFairwood Everywhere

I am the guy this company bailed out! I will be the first one to tell you they are fantastic and helped us out in a bind! Highly recommend and thanks to Jon Handler at Handler Bail Bonds!

Michael Sheets AvatarMichael Sheets

During a fight my girlfriend, she was constantly hitting me and throwing things at me. I had enough and just wanted to leave when I pushed my way through to the door and she fell to the floor; then she started saying how I hit her and knocked her down. She immediately called the cops, even though I pleaded with her I just wanted to leave. When they arrived I tried to be as honest as possible. It didn't matter, I was arrested and charged with Domestic Violence. Thank you SMD for posting bond so I could make it to work. Thanks for the photo babe, see you in court!

David Leadbetter AvatarDavid Leadbetter

I have worked with SMD & HLS Bail bonds in the past and their staff is top notch. Very knowledgeable about the business and are more than willing to help. If someone were to ask me where to get a bond, I would definitely recommend SMD & HLS bail bonds. Thanks again guys!

Mandy Hall AvatarMandy Hall

Was great! Very helpful and worked with us and because of them I’m going to get to hug my sister! Thanks y’all are the best!

Damon Kuhn AvatarDamon Kuhn

The staff here is extremely courteous! They understand you are in a bad situation and truly want to keep you from going (or going back) to jail. Thank you Jon!

Courtney Merle AvatarCourtney Merle

Thank you Handler Bail Bonds. Their staff was very friendly and helpful. Answered all my questions and took the time to walk me through the process. Happy to give a 5 star review !

Darah Gangloff AvatarDarah Gangloff

Jon handler at handler bail bonds was very helpful. They worked with us and we appreciate them! 5 star review. Thanks Jon Handler

Michael Clay AvatarMichael Clay

Thank you Jon Handler and Karen for helping my boyfriend get home! Great bail bonds company 5 star review

Ashlee Burns AvatarAshlee Burns

Karen was a very nice lady who helped me get my boyfriend out. She's passionate about her job and I swear I could of talked to her for hours. I loved that she was willing to help me the fastest out of ANY bail bonds companies. Very respectful and if any of you are seeking to get your loved one out call S.M.D bc they are willing to work with you.

Aaron Applin AvatarAaron Applin

They were Awesome a whole lot of help. They worked really hard to help me get my girlfriend outta jail...... I really appreciate what they did for me

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