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Our Latest Reviews

Julie Handler AvatarJulie Handler

Handler Bail Bonds is the oldest and BEST bail bonds company in Columbus, Ohio! Jon Handler is extremely professional, hardworking and dedicated to his business. The entire staff is empathic, extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Phone calls are answered and appropriately directed 24/7. I would give Handler Bail Bonds 100 stars!!

Racquel Ross AvatarRacquel Ross

Handler bail bonds was very helpful and fast! Thank you Jon for getting my boyfriend out so fast?

Scott Smith AvatarScott Smith

Jon Handler is by far the best bondsman this county has ever had. I been bonded out twice and there's no one that compares to his service. Not even a hundred years ago. I swear he's the best. Probably in the country! I thank you for not only helping me but helping my family to get me out. With out you I would probably would've coped out and had a couple extra charges just cause the state stay isn't worth my proven innocents. Best bondsman in the world....I swear to god!

John Loring AvatarJohn Loring

John handler is the best bondsman in the world.

Keisha Wright AvatarKeisha Wright

These guys are so nice and helpful. I was told to call Jon Handler and he was so helpful. Worked with us and was knowledgeable. Thank you handler bail bonds !

Todd Pickering AvatarTodd Pickering

Fantastic service. Jon Handler was a pleasure to work with. Definitely would recommend

Jayden Rush AvatarJayden Rush

Thank you so much to Jon Handler at Handler Bail Bonds! They helped us out and were very nice and helpful! Highly recommend!

Peggy J Grubb AvatarPeggy J Grubb

Jon Handler was a great help with guidance and support to accomplish my business. I'm so thankful

Carol Hoy AvatarCarol Hoy

Jon and Karen were very helpful and fast at getting everything done. They made it so convenient for me. Karen made me feel like family,she is awesome. She made a difficult time much better! I will definitely refer them.

Jeremy Beidelschies AvatarJeremy Beidelschies

Hope to be writing for them in Mansfield and Ashland area after i complete my courses. It will be a switch going back to bonds from police work. Although i am really looking forward to it.

Ariel Jackson AvatarAriel Jackson

Great service and very helpful! Jon handler was great ! I highly recommend

Angelina Rigsby AvatarAngelina Rigsby

Jon was so incredibly helpful. He kept me updated and informed every step of the way; texted me during the arraignment, answered my questions, and importantly, got all of the paperwork and bond posted as soon as I gave the go ahead. I wish I could rate give him a higher rating.

Falen Bowles AvatarFalen Bowles

Absolutely the best service I’ve ever experienced fast, affordable and so professional. I worked with Jon today and he helped me out so much, not only that the amount of care and concern he have for people was amazing, a woman today didn’t even need a bond he showed interest in helping her directing her to the steps that she would go through and to call him if she needed further assistance on where to go and etc. If you want a great bail bonds company I definitely recommend going to the best in the city!!! Thank you Karen as well for the paper work and great job explaining everything to me?

Marisol Ocasio AvatarMarisol Ocasio

Attorney referred us to Jon Handler and he was very helpful as his staff! Great service and thank you !

Benny Wells AvatarBenny Wells

Thank you guys for always being there when i needed you !! By far the most caring and helpful bondsmen i have ever met !!!

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