Guns Firearms and Weapons Bail Bonds

Possessing or owning a gun illegally in the state of Ohio will result in jail time. Even if it were legal for you at one time to own a gun, if you have been convicted of a felony or are now mentally ill or an addict, suddenly it is illegal to have a firearm or…
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Bail Bondsman Near Me

Looking for a bail bond near you in Columbus Ohio? Look no further than SMD & HLS Bail Bonds! Bonding since 1960, we are the oldest and most respected bail bondmen in the local industry. Call our professional bondsmen today to help guide you through the complex legal process.     
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Felony Assault Bail Bond Columbus Ohio

Assault laws in Ohio include both the offense of "assault" and the offense of "battery". Attempting or causing physical harm to a person is assault. Battery is to intentionally or negligently cause offensive physical harm. Generally, if you intended to harm someone, you will be charged with both assault and battery. Felonious assault is defined…
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Drug Possession Bail Bonds – Columbus Ohio

Get out of Jail for Drug Possession in Columbus Ohio Getting arrested for Drug Possession in Columbus is a serious issue because it can involve either legal or illicit drugs. Here are some tips to avoid getting arrested, but if you or a loved one has been arrested for drug abuse or possession, a SMD/HLS…
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