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The HLS Bail Bonds app for smartphones is a must have for your Apple or Android device! Use the Panic Button to contact your Bail Agent and 2 emergency contacts immediately!



About the mobile app

Are you tech savvy and in need of bail bonds services? Do you like to be prepared in case you might need bail bonds services? We’ve got you covered there too! Our app offers a variety of services. HLS/SMD Bail Bonds app is available for both android and ios/apple devices.

With our app you can locate a jail in the Ohio area. You can even search for warrants and request new bail bonds! All in the palm of your hand at the click of a button. The Jail Finder option gives you an address and phone number for easy call and directional access. You can even make payments at the drop of a hat, right there! There are several more features just in this option alone! Check for yourself!

You can even create several contacts in case of an emergency. You can use the app to send emergency notifications to any of the contacts you have input. Be it your wife, a friend or even a bail bondsman. Click the “Panic” button to get started!

Last but not least the HLS/SMD Bail Bonds app works like a legal look-up book. Right at the tip of your finger you can check our FAQ’s or even get into contact with a real live agent! You can look up useful information and legal terms. Things you may need to know about a court case or the law in general, such as your right! There is even a tab to inform yourself about the local sex offenders.

Check your app store and download now! HLS/SMD Bail Bonds is a must have app for everyone to be able to easily access and contact their people in case of emergency

How to Use the Mobile App

1. Emergency Contacts

Use the app to send emergency notifications to your selected contacts in case of an emergency. After entering your emergency contacts, the button becomes live and ready to call your wife, friends, relatives, or bail bondsman. Just click the panic button to get started.


2. Locate a Jail, Warrant Search, & More!

Other convenient features allow you to locate an Ohio Jail, search for any warrants or even request a new bail bond!

3. Ask the Agent, FAQ's, & Your Rights

Ask the bail agent a question by simply tapping a button and record your question. You can also view frequently asked questions and read about your rights when encountering law enforcement.


Download Now!

The HLS Bail Bonds app is a must have for everyone to easily contact people in case of an emergency. It also makes managing a bail bonds and court appearances a whole lot simpler. Click on the links below for your device to download today!


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