Assault of a Peace Officer

Your basic assault charge is generally a first degree misdemeanor, however there are certain employment classifications that if assaulted can change this to a felony of the fifth or fourth degree. One of these is Assault of a Police or Peace Officer. A charge of Assault can be given if the violator throws and object at a police officer, hits them with their hands, shoots fireworks toward them, or even by spitting or dumping other liquids onto them. In the wake of George Floyd and COVID-19, arrests for assault are at an all time high.

The Ohio Revised Code Section 2903.13 for Assault specifically states:
(5) If the victim of the offense is a peace officer or an investigator of the bureau of criminal identification and investigation, a firefighter, or a person performing emergency medical service, while in the performance of their official duties, assault is a felony of the fourth degree.

If the assault causes serious injury, there is a mandatory 12 month sentence for Assault of a Peace Officer and if you have other charges in addition to this, you could be looking at some serious prison time.

While it is never a good idea to fight with police, if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation and need to get out quickly, call SMD & HLS Bail Bonds today!


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