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Started in 1960, Jon Handler of Columbus Ohio & John Fox of Columbus Ohio continue the family legacy of helping the citizens of Columbus bail their loved ones from jail quickly and professionally.

Handler and Fox learned that lesson while growing up in the bail bond business – each is a third-generation bail agent. They are taking those lessons and mixing in modern marketing to expand beyond their home turf in Columbus. SMD/HLS opened an office in Delaware this year and hopes to add one in Chillicothe. Handler sees potential for two or three more over the next five years in county seats around Central Ohio.

SMD/HLS’s roots reach to 1960, when Handler’s grandfather, Dave Handler, formed SMD Bail Bonds in Columbus with two other partners. Jon Handler’s father, Harvey, and Fox’s dad, Lowell, later joined the business. Their sons have been the owners since 2008.

Source: bizjournals.com

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